in reduction of the meat supply, ::deer::


they are gunning at an excuse to keep people from eating venison. This story is absolute hogwash, all lies, and it’s pathetic. The devil wants everyone sick, dying, posessed or dead.

Vension is an excellent source of meat, and although also very cute, and highly intelligent, it’s not corrupted like factory farmed meats are, in the same ways. It’s of course, if processed through a plant, apply the usual logic that something has gone south, but it’s not genetically modified, like other meat animals tend to be.

story at the pdf link below:

A third of US deer have had COVID—and they infected humans at least 3 times Ars Technica.pdf

To recap: don’t believe a word of it. It’s absolute trash. This is the forces of evil scare people. Fear, and Doubt.