new vax weapon shot available sept/oct 2023


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The first new COVID-19 vaccines updated for this fall season are now expected to be available by the end of September, once both the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sign off on the new shots. The new shots are designed to target the XBB variants — strains of the virus descended from the original Omicron variant — which are now the most common form in circulation.

Three vaccine manufacturers, Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax, are expected to offer the revised shots for this fall, which virtually all children and adults will be eligible for.

DON’T DO IT FOLKS. You are not a science experiment, you are unique, special and one of a kind.

….This new weapon targets a variant (all this is made up remember? bear that in mind..) called EG.5. I can only gander this stands for something along the lines of: “electronic governance, 5.” where the 5 stands for 5g. Keep in mind these weaponized shot payloads (the ones people have already taken on,) contain binary (multiple) weapons and nasty surprises in them, like aborted human fetal cells, there are electronic monitoring devices, there are various viral components, there is the HIV, there is the corona virus aspect, there is a marburg virus aspect, and there are others in there, as well.

The point is this: Everyone you know that’s currently having auto immune issues, or flare ups of health issues from earlier in their life, or suffering from a newly discovered super aggressive cancer, or anyone you have heard of celebrity wise that’s died in the last few years, it’s mostly all due to the shots they’ve been taking over the last 3-4 years.

There is a DEARTH of video documentation here:
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