DAC's of death


DAC’s – an attempt to kill the living waters of the lower heavens.

Water… is life. Light is of water. We need healthy water to survive, and that means both fresh and ocean water, as well as the water we drink, and the water we feed our food that we grow and eat, and the water additionally that we feed to our livestock and food animals. Of course, our pets need healthy water too.

Carbon Dioxide exchange is a necessary part of living on earth. There are various interactions that utilize it. Carbon dioxide has its own cycle that interacts with the ocean, and the atmosphere, as well as plants, trees, humans, soil on and in the ground, and other aspects, like volcanos.

It is well worth repeating that man made climate change is a lie, and one volcanic eruption burps out enough Carbon dioxide in a single go—- than humans produce world wide in an entire year. But you don’t see the global so called “leaders” (actually devils), trying to put caps on volcanos and plug them, do you? No, instead they blame “cows,” “cars,” and “crap humans do.” It’s our fault, they say. But not so.

Do you think our heavenly father would design a world that was imperfect? the simple truth is this: man cannot make a dent in his world, in the ways that these “climate scientists,” (read: devils), say we are or could be doing, or have been—- in all their reports (all lies.) in that sense, YHVH would not create a world in the sense that we were able to damage it. It’s simply not on the table as an option. This is not a misguided perspective, it’s just simply not possible.

Enter a new way the climate change devils are attempting to screw up YHVH’s earthen kingdom (the lower heavens.) DAC, or “Direct Air Capture.” This is a method to proportedly aide in carbon cleanup. But enough with the lies, let’s look at how it works and what they’re doing instead. One of the largest companies that’s working on this right now, is a defense contractor. Battelle. The other one, is an oil company, Occidental Petroleum. The govt just greenlit both of them to continue work on this. Keep in mind every time the govt does something, it’s not for your own good, and that’s a repeatable rule, in these present times we live in, as it has been for some decades as well.

Occidental plans on having 70 of these built in the next 12 years. Battelle did not release a number, but also plans on scaling the technology. Their first target, is the Permian Basin, and they intend to begin operations in 2024. Keep in mind, this is not far off from where the Gulf Oil Spill, which dumped all that Correxit into the ocean, occurred. Then of course, the correxit got all into the rest of the ocean, and killed coral reefs and greatly stunted marine diversity world wide, as well as made a whole host of other problems in the ocean. Not to mention messing with the oxygen production of the ocean, which is part of the natural carbon dioxide cycle the ocean performs for us.

let’s look at how this technology works and its energy requirements, and why it’s not practical.

DAC, or direct air capture uses chemical processes, to extract carbon dioxide from the air which is all around us.

The DAC generates a concentrated stream of carbon dioxide, for further processing when the air being sucked through the machinery makes contact with a chemically laced or impregnanted medium, usually a liquid alkaline solvent, or sorbent. Then the carbon dioxide is removed from these media, (think of it as a giant air filter) like the one you change every six months in your house, in the ceiling for the air filter on the indoor aspect of the air conditioner.) But really really large, and filled with nasty chemical liquids.

They then apply heat, to these air filters, (a lot of it,) and then they from there, can dehydrate the co2, and compress it.

There are several ruses going on here at once, they claim they will require ‘renewable energy technologies’ to power these plants, namely wind or solar. But solar plants are a lie as well as wind plants. Solar plants do not operate at temperatures above 85 degrees fahrenheit. They literallly cannot function properly at those temperatures, and so they turn the panels off. Wind… Those things use more energy than they actually produce, because they have giant servos in them that are attached to computer micro-controller sensor arrays, that are constantly changing the pitch (or angle,) of the wind mill, all day and all night long. Most of them aren’t even hooked up to the electrical grid to push electricity back into the grid, but that’s another story entirely and outside the scope of this article.

So they’re going to use technology that doesn’t work and is grossly inefficient, to power these plants, which require TONS of electricity to operate. Since they literally cannot use these renewable energies to generate the electricity they’re going to use, they’re going to actually rob it from the civillian national power grid, instead. This means less electricity for me and you, and more laws restricting the use of electricity, because it’s going to go somewhere, they’re not just going to magically do the right thing and start generating more electricity at these plants, based on human need. If you have ever lived in California, you’d understand this immediately, because when people use their air conditioners in the summer all at the same time, the power grid has brown or black outs, or just entirely shuts off sometimes. So expect a lot of that manner of thing. But to continue…

Large scale DAC capture requires large fans to blow air through these filters. The filters with nasty chemicals in them. The typical liquid solvent used is —usually amine-based or caustic, such as sodium hydroxide. This precipitates to sodium carbonate, and then can be causticized, to recycle sodium hydroxide.

it requires 400 kilo Jules of energy to capture a single MOLE of Carbon Dioxide. Do you know what a mole is? Let’s look at that. It’s a chemistry term. and without getting VERY complicated, they’ve changed the definition of what a mole is, back in 2019. But for simplicity’s sake, One mole of isotopically pure carbon-12 has a mass of 12 g. Basically, one mole of carbon weighs about as much as a few slices of lunch meat. Now what’s a kilojule? A measure of electrical energy, simply stated. In their direct admission on wikipedia, it takes 400kJ to capture (1) mole of carbon dioxide. That’s 111.11 watt hours. A watt hour is the measure of the flow of electricity in terms of one hour of use. That means that you could power a 100 watt incandescent light bulb, for one hour, with that 400kJ of energy output.

The average human being exhales around 0.66 kg (kilograms), of carbon dioxide in a day. Recalling our figure of 12 grams of sequestered carbon from the previous paragraph, let’s see how many grams of carbon dioxide a person breathes out per day. That answer is 660 grams. So to offset the breathing from a single person, for ONE day, 660/12=55 400kj x 55 = 22,000 kj electrical energy, or 6,111.11 watt hours, or for the home owners… 6.11 kilowatt hours. Bear in mind the average home uses 28.5 kilowatt hours per day. 28.5 (kwH)/24 (hours) = 1.19 kwH per hour, in a given 24 hour period.

So to offset the carbon from one (1) human being just exhaling, in a 24 hour period, their fancy pants technology requires six hours of the electricity you’d use to power your home, in any given day. What I’m saying is this technology is NOT feasible, and that’s not why they’re putting it there and building these plants.

To put this another way, a 100km car trip in a mid-sized car, generates 34,000 grams of carbon dioxide. Compare that to our above calculations regarding 660 grams of Carbon dioxide from one person breathing for 24 hours, and you’ll quickly see that this so called solution isn’t a solution at all.

They’re building these plants to mess with peoples health, and other nefarious reasons. Like putting nasty chemicals into the air, and then some.

some info that was used to calculate the above and sourced from wikipedia:

Wikipedia quote:
When combined with long-term storage of CO2, DAC is known as direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS or DACS). It would require renewable energies to power since approximately 400kJ of energy is needed per mole of CO2 capture. DACCS can act as a carbon dioxide removal mechanism (or a carbon negative technology), although as of 2022 it has yet to be profitable because the cost per tonne of carbon dioxide is several times the carbon price.

More from wikipedia:

Most commercial techniques use a liquid solvent—usually amine-based or caustic—to absorb CO2 from a gas. For example, a common caustic solvent: sodium hydroxide reacts with CO2 and precipitates a stable sodium carbonate. This carbonate is heated to produce a highly pure gaseous CO2 stream. Sodium hydroxide can be recycled from sodium carbonate in a process of causticizing. Alternatively, the CO2 binds to solid sorbent in the process of chemisorption. Through heat and vacuum, the CO2 is then desorbed from the solid.

Among the specific chemical processes that are being explored, three stand out: causticization with alkali and alkali-earth hydroxides, carbonation, and organic−inorganic hybrid sorbents consisting of amines supported in porous adsorbents.

DAC relying on amine-based absorption demands significant water input. It was estimated, that to capture 3.3 gigatonnes of CO2 a year would require 300 km3 of water, or 4% of the water used for irrigation. On the other hand, using sodium hydroxide needs far less water, but the substance itself is highly caustic and dangerous.

DAC also requires much greater energy input in comparison to traditional capture from point sources, like flue gas, due to the low concentration of CO2. The theoretical minimum energy required to extract CO2 from ambient air is about 250 kWh per tonne of CO2, while capture from natural gas and coal power plants requires, respectively, about 100 and 65 kWh per tonne of CO2. Because of this implied demand for energy, some geoengineering promoters have proposed using “small nuclear power plants” connected to DAC installations.

The Biden administration will spend $1.2 billion to help build the nation’s first two commercial-scale plants to vacuum carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere, a nascent technology that some scientists say could be a breakthrough in the fight against global warming, but that others fear is an extravagant boondoggle. From a report: Jennifer Granholm, the energy secretary, announced Friday that her agency would fund two pilot projects that would deploy the disputed technology, known as direct air capture. Occidental Petroleum will build one of the plants in Kleberg County, Texas, and Battelle, a nonprofit research organization, will build the other in Calcasieu Parish on the Louisiana coast. The federal government and the companies will equally split the cost of building the facilities.
“These projects are going to help us prove out the potential of these next-generation technologies so that we can add them to our climate crisis fighting arsenal, and one of those technologies includes direct air capture, which is essentially giant vacuums that can suck decades of old carbon pollution straight out of the sky,” Ms. Granholm said on a telephone call with reporters on Thursday. The 2021 bipartisan infrastructure law included $3.5 billion to fund the construction of four commercial-scale direct air capture plants. Friday’s announcement covered the first two. Oil and gas companies lobbied for the direct air capture money to be included in the law, arguing that the world could continue to burn fossil fuels if it had a way to clean up their planet-warming pollution.


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