Electric cars, in Event of Emergency, Add GAS.


This couldn’t be more obvious. They want to restrict the movement of everyone, at all times, eventually. This is one of those such things. Imagine this. For some reason, a lot of people really want or need to leave the state, temporarily. Say, some manner of natural disaster, to go visit loved ones elsewhere and camp out at their house in some other part of the country, instead.

but all of a sudden, you can’t use your California Mandated Electric Vehicle, because PG and E has taken all the juice out of it, trapping you without the ability to buy food, leave your house, or go anywhere at all. Not to mention that you only had a 200 mile range anyway, and that wasn’t about to get you across state lines in less than about 1.5-2 days, depending on where you live in the golden state.

You seeing it? They really don’t like people, and by they I mean the government. There’s no logical reason they’d need the electricity out of the car battery. The electricity came from outside the car battery, and what, now they want it back? Why. There’s always a reason, in this case it’s either a targeted assault on specific people, whenever they want, or it’s something along the lines of the aforementioned disaster scenario. Think about it, and consider.

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“State legislators in Democrat-run California are looking to pass a law that will make it easy for the power company (PG&E) to steal energy from your electric car battery.”

“Naturally, Democrats and PG&E only see a way to use this technology to further their evil designs: “California’s power grid will have to expand in order to meet the demand for more energy. PG&E’s CEO Patricia Poppe has come up with an “unconventional” idea, using electric cars to send excess power back to the grid to prevent blackouts.””

In this type of scenario, the only way you’re going to get that tesla out of the state is with that putting a gasoline powered generator in the trunk, trick. Then hooking that up to the tesla charging cable. Unless the tesla software has written that option out by now and has somehow detected it, in its software.

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