cat food discovery


so i learned something interesting the other day.

the brand of cat food that my cat has been eating for the last 17 years, was purchased back in 2012 by Merrick, which is a company that was going out of Texas. Nothing changed until recently, wherein I found out that the cat food was not available for purchase anymore.

After a little bit of sleuthing around, I learned that the brand was purchased by Nestle Purina.
I would not feed anything owned by Nestle Purina to even my worst enemy, on planet earth. The CEO of Nestle does not believe that access to clean drinking water is a universal human right. You may have heard of this before, but it’s been verified, the man actually said it in an interview.

So just know if you’ve been feeding your cat or dog anything made by either Merrick, or Castor and Pollox, it’s now highly advisable to find a different brand of food. I can’t do your work for you but I’ve noticed some other things which I’ll quickly lay out here:
The brand of wet food that she likes, second to the now untrustable Castor and Pollox, is called Wellness. This company apparently was purchased by a Chinese Investment firm, somewhere in the last ten years. Their dry food is still made in the United States, I didn’t get to the bottom of the wet food aspect of their brand just yet.

There is another brand called Orijen, which makes something called a six fish recipe, which sounds interesting, although it has red lentils, in it, and I’m not sure that a cat would naturally gravitate towards eating lentils, at all — in the wild. Although I have plenty of red lentils here, so I may prepare some and put them on a dish and see if she eats them, to check that aspect of the recipe out. Its halfway down their ingredients list, and likely what they use as a bulking agent and binder agent instead of a filler or binding agent, as it’s more natural and would facilitate that aspect of a manufactured pet food.

Just some thoughts. Stay vigilant out there, pet food is just as important as human food. Don’t feed your loved furry friends, who are indeed a living soul, garbage food. We do our best, you know?

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