after exposure to 'weather,' ev's are not safe.


well they were already spontaneously combusting before the matter, and were already not safe.

I used to own a 2002 Toyota Prius, which was, a hybrid vehicle, but to be fully straight forward about it, i have a background somewhat in being an electronics geek, and I’ll say this: given the unpredictability of batteries especially things that are high drain and fast charge, well… this makes plenty of sense.

to put out a lithium battery fire takes thousands of gallons of water, mind you – and they are extreeeeemely explosive, its a really really really bad scene. you don’t want to be there, or anywhere near it. or trapped inside of it, because some wires shorted, and you’re now locked inside your car, and the door lock actuators no longer function. as in cease to function. yes, please do consider this, it’s an important oversight most people who buy EV’s would never consider, given that they’re so eager to “save the environment.” not to mention though , all that electricity? where’s it coming from? I don’t care, I’m getting a good tax break? do you value govt carrots in front of your very life itself, and the associated cost it takes to manageable live it? You’d be a fool to answer yes to the last two questions.

here’s a snippet:

After Hurricane-Caused Flooding, Some EVs Exposed To Saltwater Caught Fire ( 115 Posted by EditorDavid on Sunday September 03, 2023 @06:51PM from the water-and-flames dept. CBS News reports: Floridians battered by Hurricane Idalia this week may not have expected another threat — that floodwaters could cause their cars to suddenly burst into flames. Yet that’s exactly what happened when two electric vehicles caught fire after being submerged in saltwater churned up by the storm…

Yeah. So there’s that.

Consider it all. Then consider the govt has been trying to kill everyone in a very methodological plan for the last 40 years, but the plan itself, stems from over 120 years ago. and is truly much further reaching than that… It actually goes back to book 1 of Genesis. You may not believe me, but do your own research…

You may be surprised what you turn up and find.