two bloodlines on earth


the sooner you grasp and realize the implications of this, the better.

two bloodlines on earth…

the quicker you realize this, the better.

there are the adamic race, and the nephilim.

the adamic race: the original offspring of adam and eve, (NOT THE CAIN LINE), that is the nephilim. the fallen angels that mated with women of earth.

of the nephilim though:

these are your politicians, musicians, celebrities, presidents, those who run the military, those that run the banking systems, hollywood, the music industry, the film industry, the entertainment industry, the TV news, the newspapers, ALL OF IT,, those who claim to be ‘jews’, those who run the child trafficking and adrenochrome rings, the child trafficking and kidnapping, the pricefixing of food, the unfair chemcail company lobbies like monsanto, these are all NEPHILIM run and operated. those who do all of the evils and unspeakable things on the land you live upon.

it really is that simple. we re at the near culmination point of a 6.000 year old spiritual war, between the forces of heaven, and earth – lucifer and his minions are the “forces of earth’ aka the “prince of the air.”

Furthermore, they use dark arts and witch craft to ensure most people NEVER wake up to the stark reality that is RIGHT in front OF, and under your noses. The freemansons, and the illuminati, the shriners, the UN, and nearly ANY organization you can think of professionally, is both part and parcel to the whole mess,. And yes, that includes all of the US govt, senators, congress, president elects, and ANY and ALL of the rest of it, including most of the food production plants and facilities as well.

You are living or have been living in a constructed dream world, and it’s ALL fake, and to CONTROL you, and KEEP you from realizing WHO and WHAT you really truly are.

WAKE UP, WAKE up NEO. Taking the red pills isn’t going to be enough.

the rest is an intentionally convoluted mess, becasue the dark one wants to win as many souls over to his side, as possible, as has always been his goal.

There is but one true GODYHVH, and you live in a fantasy world created by his detractrors and satanic minions. and thart accounts for at least 95% (being nice here) of you.

WAKE UP. TIME IS TRULY SHORT. Your very salvation and inheritance is on the line, here. What will you do about it? If I were you., I’d start watching or listening to all the videos on the site below. That’s WHY it’s there. It’s for YOU. No money is made on it. It is a labor of LOVE of the LOVE of the most HIGH God, YHVH… and of the love of his son, YESHUA (jesus.) so that you may get to know them both, before it’s too late… and it’s nearly too late.

if you need to do research on it and learn well by video there are many resources for you here:

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