oliver anthony: cia plant


there’s no way a guy like this who’s “just a simple backwoods boy” ends up playing a MASSIVE STADIUM CONCERT just a few months after starting to release his videos on jewbietubie.

that’s just NOT how the industry works. he’s been placedinto your awareness, by the invisible powers that be. His role is likely one of an insurrectionist of some manner or other, to steer the angry folks who don’t have a solid faith in Christ Yeshua, the wrong way, towards hate, versus towards love and a relationship with Yeshua and our heavenly father.

okay then.

I could go on and on about the first two points, but I’d rather not, there’s already extensive coverage on a fair bit of the internet on how corrupt the music industry is, but the simple point of fact is you don’t just get “invited” to play a big concert like that, because your videos are well received online. It just doesn’t happen. MKUltra, mind control, at it again.

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