EviLon Musk disregards human safety, sees his employees as expendable sacrifices, literally


As Elon Musk rushes headlong into space, his SpaceX company appears to be disregarding basic safety protocols and procedures which has resulted in over 600 incidents including broken bones, loss of appendages, coma, and death. The most serious incident involved a former Marine, nine months retired, who was killed while trying to hold down a block of foam during transit:

One windy night at Elon Musk’s SpaceX facility in McGregor, Texas, Lonnie LeBlanc and his co-workers realized they had a problem.

They needed to transport foam insulation to the rocket company’s main hangar but had no straps to secure the cargo. LeBlanc, a relatively new employee, offered a solution to hold down the load: He sat on it.

After the truck drove away, a gust blew LeBlanc and the insulation off the trailer, slamming him headfirst into the pavement. LeBlanc, 38, had retired nine months earlier from the U.S. Marine Corps. He was pronounced dead from head trauma at the scene.

Current and former employees said such injuries reflect a chaotic workplace where often under-trained and overtired staff routinely skipped basic safety procedures as they raced to meet Musk’s aggressive deadlines for space missions. SpaceX, founded by Musk more than two decades ago, takes the stance that workers are responsible for protecting themselves, according to more than a dozen current and former employees, including a former senior executive.

Musk himself at times appeared cavalier about safety on visits to SpaceX sites: Four employees said he sometimes played with a novelty flamethrower and discouraged workers from wearing safety yellow because he dislikes bright colors.

read far more by clicking the lengthy article below which details a LOT of other accidents, problems and so on. Reuters did an investigative report.

Musk is a satanist, and doesn’t value human life – plain and simple.



At SpaceX, worker injuries soar in Elon Musk’s rush to Mars—evilon.pdf

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